IQ is one of those things that people don’t like to talk about.

It might bring up feelings of judgment, inadequacy, or other feelings that aren’t so helpful.

However, there is one thing about IQ that people don’t consider.

And that is that you can increase it.

Many people feel that we’re born with a “set” IQ and that’s that.

If it’s high, you’re lucky, if it’s not, you’d better get used to digging ditches or something.

The truth is that you can build up your intelligence (both the measurable, “IQ” aspect of it and the non-measurable, creative wealth building aspect of it) just like you can build a muscle.


There’s an incredible process called “Image Streaming,” created by Dr. Win Wenger.

It works like this. You close your eyes, and describe in as much detail whatever you see.

Just like a dream, the images will change and morph into pretty much anything. That’s OK.

The point is to not “force” any kind image. Just describe the “flow” of your “stream” of consciousness.

Hence the name, Image Streaming.

Why does it increase your intelligence?

Pictures are generated with one side of your brain.

Words are generated with the other.

When you are using one side of your brain to describe what’s going on in the other side, it creates connections between the hemispheres.

Meaning you’re getting smarter and smarter.

Studies have shown that for every hour you do this, your IQ goes up one point.


Meaning, that if you do this five to ten minutes a day, your IQ will go up 30 to 60 points a year.

A couple years of this and you’ll easily be one of the smartest people on Earth.

In five minutes a day.

What could you accomplish with that level of intelligence?

Now, this won’t just improve your I.Q. In fact, I.Q. is a pretty weak measurement of human intelligence. The truth is that image streaming will boost ALL levels of intelligence.

If you like playing music, you’ll get much better. If you like sports, you’ll get better. If you like debating, you’ll become a conversational ninja filled with undefeatable language.

You’ll develop stronger intuition, and you’ll instantly be able to read body language when you walk into a room. You’ll read quicker and deeper, understand complicated material much more quickly.

No matter what you want to do in life, you’ll do it better once you start building up more connections between your brain hemispheres. Get started today, and within a few short weeks, you’ll become a super genius.

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