What Is The Frequency of the Videos?

100 hz carrier 5 hz binaural

What is the difference between subliminals with 4 voices and subliminals with 256 voices?

The four voice subs operate on a “shallower” level. You can hear the voices, so they remind you of why you’re listening. Results tend to be more short lived.

256 V are impossible to hear, so they go completely past the conscious critic. If you only listen passively, they’ll have an effect, but if you combine it with a strong visualization, it will have a much deeper affect.

Each are useful for different purposes. If  you have a strong goal, and are working toward it, the 256 V are better. If you want to build up short term beliefs for a certain event, like a job interview or a date, the 4 V can give you a quick burst.

Think of the 256 V sessions as a sensible diet/exercise plan to slowly get in good shape (and stay in good shape) over time.

Think of the four voice as the “quick fast diet” before you go to your high school reunion or something.

Both are useful, but for different purposes. Just understand your intentions, both short term and long term, and you’ll be fine.

Which subliminals are more powerful – 4 voices or 256 voices?

While the 256 voices there’s more information being input into your subconscious, however, the chances of NOT NOTICING changes are much higher, since they are purely going into your subconscious. Whereas the 4 voices you’re much more apt to notice changes. so in many cases the 4 voices are best, since they take care of the “looking for results” part by how they are constructed. You have a conscious memory of the voices telling you what to look for. You can think of the 4 voices being on the border between conscious-unconscious.

How Do I Listen?

1) Visualize what you want
2) Focus on the picture in your mind rather than the sounds
3) Journal daily and watch for evidence of succes

How Long Do I Need To Listen?

Everybody is different. It depends where you are starting and what you want to achieve. Start once per day, and journal your experiences.

Can I Listen All Night?

Only if it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. Avoid headphones and use normal speakers while sleeping. Exposing you ears to headphones for long hours might damage your hearing in the long run. Also, while sleeping, speakers are OK, as your mind will naturally be in theta/delta/alpha state.

How Long Until The Results are Permanent?

Different for each user, but until your behavior generates the results you want, which will generate more of the same (or better) behavior. In gneneral it takes 1-3 months to see noticeable changes.

What Are the Limitations?

Don’t listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Don’t listen if you have seizures.

Can I Listen While Watching TV?

Yes, but they won’t be as effective

Do I have to listen with headphones?

Listening with headphones enhances the binaural effect. Listening with headphones is recommended. Listening through speakers is still effective, though not nearly as effective as listening with headphones However, if you listen while sleeping, speakers are OK, as your mind will naturally be in theta/delta/alpha state.

How many can I listen to at once?

The limiting factor is whether or not you can come up with a visualization that covers both/all subliminals. Ideally, you’d want to choose subliminals (if you are listening to more than one) over the same broad topic (money, relationships, health, etc.)

Can I listen to two or more at a time?

Yes, you can listen to as many as you want. But they are on broadly different topics, they’ll be less effective as it will become difficult to create an intention to cover all of them

Will they work if English is my second language?

If you can read the statements and understand them without having to “think” or look any words up, you’ll be OK.

But, if you study the words ENOUGH to understand them, they’ll work. But make sure to always have a strong visualization to go along with listening.

Do You Make Custom Subliminals?

Custom subliminals are no longer available.

How Many Voices In The Videos?

4 Voices

How Do I Change My Physical Appearance?

While changing your physical appearance IS possible with sufficient belief, consider focusing on the benefits you’d get if you did change your physical appearance. Since changing your physical appearances can potentially take years by belief alone, consider redirecting your energies to get the SAME BENEFITS but a lot quicker. Consider creating ideas/beliefs that would elicit the SAME RESPONSE from the world that you would get if you did change your physical appearance. Ask yourself:

If I changed my physical appearance, the benefits would be….

The best thing about changing my physical appearance would be…

I want to change my physical appearance because…

And then figure out how to get those SAME BENEFITS but without changing your physical appearance. How can you use your time/energy much more effectively and not only get the SAME BENEFITS, but a lot MORE?

It is also important to understand that subliminals related to physical changes may or may not work instantly, in most cases you will see slight and gradual changes. Since you are aiming to target elements in the mind and beliefs which cause physical responses. Take the example of using subliminals to reverse gray hair – it will work in a simple way to direct your mind to send energy to your hair cells and send nutrition and energy to encourage melanin production. Also, visualization and strong belief will accelerate the process.

How can my subconscious mind understand the sentences when I cant?

“I” is your conscious mind. The conscious mind can only be aware of 1/25000 bits of information per second. The subconscious takes in everything. The conscious mind can only take in a teaspoon of information at at time, while the unconscious can accept a fire hose at full force. Beliefs live in the subconscious. By combining the carefully written statements, theta braiwaves, and a strong intention, the NET RESULT is that beliefs are changed, which changes behavior and changes your filters so that which you “perceive” of your reality has shifted. All of the statements TAKEN TOGETHER build a new belief. It’s also important to understand that everything that goes in the conscious mind (the “I”) is questioned by the conscious critic. So if you say something that you want your conscious mind to understand, it will ONLY be accepted if you ALREADY believe it. And telling yourself things that you already believer is kind of a waste of time. The statements HAVE to bypass your conscious mind in order to be effective.

Are These Safe For Children?

Generally speaking, yes, but be careful and watch carefully for any adverse reactions, headaches, etc. When in doubt start slowly and monitor results carefully.

Can I Use These During Pregnancy?

Generally, yes, but check with your doctor if you have concerns.

How Do Subliminals Work?

Humans interact largely on SUBCONSCIOUS signals. Body language etc. The subliminals change the beliefs of the listener, which in turn changes how they behave SUBCONSCIOUSLY. Other people “pick up” on that subconscious behavior, and respond accordingly. All this happens SUBCONSCIOUSLY. For example, a guy with low self esteem (who walks with shoulders slumped forward no eye contact, etc.) listens to a video that programs him with the belief “all girls love me.” This belief (all girls love me) creates much different subconscious behavior. He now walks with better posture, and positive eye contact. This is more attractive, and those around him RESPOND to his behavior. More girls actually do like him because he is behaving more confidently. Before, his limiting belief (girls don’t like me) was a SELF FULFILLING BELIEF. He acted in a way that VERIFIED his belief. His new, supporting belief (all girls love me) was another SELF FULFILLING BELIEF. He acted in a way that VERIFIED the belief. All beliefs are SELF FULFILLING. The subliminals change them from negative to positive.

Will These Videos Help Austism (or any other medical condition)
While they may provide relief, this is not their intended or recommended use. Try and see, and if they work, great.  Please refer to your physician with any concerns or questions.