A very old study, done back in the sixties where they looked at several different people, in order to uncover why some people get heart disease, and some people don’t.

And what they found was pretty interesting. But you’ll never read about it in the paper, because any “solution” doesn’t involve any profits for drug companies.

Because the main culprit was a feeling of “control.”

By and large, those that were most susceptible to having heart disease, according to the study, were in positions where they had very little control over their day to day activities.

This is a huge cause of stress, worry, and anxiety, which naturally leads to all kinds of problems.

How do you bust out?

First by “owning” your own frame. The simplest way to do this is to assert yourself.

Instead of blindly accepting your situation, ask questions. Not confrontations, but easy, simple, questions.

This will FORCE them to make sure they’ve got a good reason for asking you to do something.

Giving you much more respect, and ultimately, much more control over your situation.

It all starts with how you perceive your reality. Do you see it as something that’s closing in on you? Or do you see it as something that’s just “there” waiting for instruction.

If you see “reality” as a bully, with you as a victim, “reality” will always get the best of them.

But when you learn to see reality as the clay, with YOU as the sculptor, you can literally build whatever you want with your life.

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