How To Make Women Chase You – “HIT AND RUN” Attraction Method

Humans are hard wired to respond to scarcity.

We want what we can’t get.

However, scarcity has to be applied correctly for it to work.

Meaning if you hid in your closet, starting now until the end of time, you’d be scarce.

But nobody who you didn’t already know wouldn’t notice anything.

Before you “make yourself scarce” you’ve got to “demonstrate value.”

Personally, I don’t really like term, “demonstrate value.”

It makes it sound like you have to walk up to girls and do tricks or something, and then run away.

A better term is “generate attraction.”

A simple way to get girls to like you is to generate attraction and then leave, BEFORE you wear out your welcome.

Most guys do the opposite.

They get a smile from a girl and go and talk to them until the girls literally decides she’s got to move from the location to get rid of the guy.

This is the “make the ho say no” strategy, and it’s a horrible one.

It’s purposely creating an uncomfortable feeling that she feels BECAUSE of you.

On the other hand, consider the “hit and run” strategy.

You get a smile, you flirt for a few seconds, and then you split.

She will WISH you stayed longer, and you’ll feel that.

If you do this as a confidence building exercise, it will work wonders.

Meaning you aren’t trying to get numbers or names or anything.

Only flirt, smile and leave. Or flirt, conversation, and leave.

Do this enough and you’ll build in an experience of “girls want more of me.”

Not, “girls are always making excuses to get away from me.”

And eventually you’ll meet a girl that WON’T let you get away.

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How To Become A Super Genius – Simple 5 Minute Exercise

IQ is one of those things that people don’t like to talk about.

It might bring up feelings of judgment, inadequacy, or other feelings that aren’t so helpful.

However, there is one thing about IQ that people don’t consider.

And that is that you can increase it.

Many people feel that we’re born with a “set” IQ and that’s that.

If it’s high, you’re lucky, if it’s not, you’d better get used to digging ditches or something.

The truth is that you can build up your intelligence (both the measurable, “IQ” aspect of it and the non-measurable, creative wealth building aspect of it) just like you can build a muscle.


There’s an incredible process called “Image Streaming,” created by Dr. Win Wenger.

It works like this. You close your eyes, and describe in as much detail whatever you see.

Just like a dream, the images will change and morph into pretty much anything. That’s OK.

The point is to not “force” any kind image. Just describe the “flow” of your “stream” of consciousness.

Hence the name, Image Streaming.

Why does it increase your intelligence?

Pictures are generated with one side of your brain.

Words are generated with the other.

When you are using one side of your brain to describe what’s going on in the other side, it creates connections between the hemispheres.

Meaning you’re getting smarter and smarter.

Studies have shown that for every hour you do this, your IQ goes up one point.


Meaning, that if you do this five to ten minutes a day, your IQ will go up 30 to 60 points a year.

A couple years of this and you’ll easily be one of the smartest people on Earth.

In five minutes a day.

What could you accomplish with that level of intelligence?

Now, this won’t just improve your I.Q. In fact, I.Q. is a pretty weak measurement of human intelligence. The truth is that image streaming will boost ALL levels of intelligence.

If you like playing music, you’ll get much better. If you like sports, you’ll get better. If you like debating, you’ll become a conversational ninja filled with undefeatable language.

You’ll develop stronger intuition, and you’ll instantly be able to read body language when you walk into a room. You’ll read quicker and deeper, understand complicated material much more quickly.

No matter what you want to do in life, you’ll do it better once you start building up more connections between your brain hemispheres. Get started today, and within a few short weeks, you’ll become a super genius.

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How To Improve Your Dating Life – Tips On How To Approach A Girl

As you are sitting there, reading this, wondering how it can help you in our dating life, think back, now, to those times you were either talking to a gorgeous woman, or wanted to but lacked the nerve or self-confidence to start a conversation.

When most guys talk to an attractive woman, or imagine themselves talking to an attractive woman, they begin to feel anxious and nervous, thinking about all the negative things that might happen. Commonly referred to as “approach anxiety,” this has stopped many men dead in their tracks, freezing them before they’ve been able to approach that gorgeous girl.

There are two powerful ways around this. One is your criteria, and other is hers. Your criteria are everything that is important to you in a woman. If all that is important to is physical attraction, it’s going to be tough to overcome that approach anxiety. Simply because when you look at her, you will convince yourself that she has everything you want, and you have to convince her somehow that you have what she wants. This essential gives her all the power, making it seem nearly impossible. Hence the anxiety.

But when you develop a list of things beyond the physical, you gain an incredible amount of power. Personality, religious beliefs, intelligence, both emotional and social, kindness level, life goals. All these will take away from the importance of her mere physical beauty. That way, when you and talk to her, you are seeing if she has what you want, rather than the other way around. This will give you incredible confidence and self esteem.

The second thing is to determine what her criteria are. For life, relationships, what she likes to do. The great thing about eliciting her criteria is that it takes care of several things at once. It will make her feel good, simply because people enjoy talking about what’s important to them. And it will allow you to determine if she is a good fit with you or not. And while she’s talking about the things she likes, and what’s important to her about those things, she will begin to associate those good feelings with being with you. If you repeat this with the same girl over a few dates, she will develop really deep and strong positive emotional feelings towards you.

When you develop these two skills, your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket. You will notice that girls are noticing you more and more often. Within a few moments of speaking with you, girls will notice something different about you. Something incredibly attractive, something that they feel they have to find out more about.

Of course with your increase skills, it will become easier an easier to talk to beautiful girls and have them wanting to do what you ask. This can be great if you are honestly and ethically searching for that special someone. It can be terrible if you misuse these skills to create a successive string of sexual conquests for your own personal gain. That will invariably leave behind hurt feelings and damaged self-esteem. Be careful with your new skills.

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How To Transmute Your Sexual Energy?

You see a smokin’ hot member of the opposite sex and they trigger your deep unsatisfied urges, instead of going over you freeze and they walk away leaving you with a thunderbolt of lust.

What do you do? Go home and take a cold shower? Go to the nearest thirty one flavors and eat thirty of them?

Believe it or not, you have another choice. You can do what Napoleon Hill called ‘transmutation’ of your sexual desires. But what does it mean and how do you do that?

Imagine now … What would happen if you transferred that incredible, automatic, beautiful desire from a desire for sex into a desire for goal achievement? What this requires is a strong goal, clearly stated and well formed with an accompanying visualization of the goal. Every time you have that desire, you immediately visualize your goal. Pretty soon you will be as excited about achieving your goal as you are about chasing down that girl or guy that got away. You effectively train yourself to charge your goal with powerful sexual energy by imagining it whenever you encounter those situations I described above.

W. Clement Stone, a contemporary of Napoleon Hill, said that in order to achieve a goal you need to create a ‘burning desire’ for the achievement of that goal. What better way to transfer the most burning desire of all into the achievement of any goal that you choose?

Your sexual energy is a fantastic gift from God, or Mother Nature, or whatever your belief system happens to be. You can choose to let it frustrate you, or to fulfill it time and again, or use it to powerfully charge your life with fantastic opportunities for creation of your desires. The choice is yours.

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How To Bust Out Of Your Cage?

A very old study, done back in the sixties where they looked at several different people, in order to uncover why some people get heart disease, and some people don’t.

And what they found was pretty interesting. But you’ll never read about it in the paper, because any “solution” doesn’t involve any profits for drug companies.

Because the main culprit was a feeling of “control.”

By and large, those that were most susceptible to having heart disease, according to the study, were in positions where they had very little control over their day to day activities.

This is a huge cause of stress, worry, and anxiety, which naturally leads to all kinds of problems.

How do you bust out?

First by “owning” your own frame. The simplest way to do this is to assert yourself.

Instead of blindly accepting your situation, ask questions. Not confrontations, but easy, simple, questions.

This will FORCE them to make sure they’ve got a good reason for asking you to do something.

Giving you much more respect, and ultimately, much more control over your situation.

It all starts with how you perceive your reality. Do you see it as something that’s closing in on you? Or do you see it as something that’s just “there” waiting for instruction.

If you see “reality” as a bully, with you as a victim, “reality” will always get the best of them.

But when you learn to see reality as the clay, with YOU as the sculptor, you can literally build whatever you want with your life.

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The Secret Communication Model – Simple Tip For Effective Communication

Models of the world can be a tough thing to shed. And I don’t mean being followed around by guys and girls that normally walk down runways in ten thousand dollar outfits.

I’m talking about the way you look at things. Your ideas, beliefs and expectations about how the world works.

Here’s a harsh truth. Whatever you think about the world, you’re wrong. Everybody is. Which is why it’s a good idea to come up with some flexibility in case you come into trouble.

But getting rid of preconceived notions is not easy.

Especially ones that were created during our formative years.

For example, when you were a young child, it felt comfortable to express yourself whenever you felt like it, without a second thought. Wet diapers, being hungry, scared or just plain bored, you didn’t think twice about letting the world know.

But after a few years of “negative” responses from adults, you learned that expressing yourself can be a difficult thing. The more “important” the person is you’re expressing your ideas to, the more difficult it seems.

The thing about models though, is that they are just models. They AREN’T reality. They are just was we represent reality in our heads.

One of the BEST skills you can develop in life is to simply “try on” other models, and see if they work better or worse than the models you’re currently using.

The truth about reality is that it is SO incredibly complex, all we can ever do is approximate it. And those approximations (our unconscious models) are NEVER going to be anywhere near accurate.

They may be sort of accurate in some instances, but completely inaccurate in others.

This is why finding out what the models are in OTHERS is crucial to any effective communication.

Most people walk up and try to impose their own model on others, without even knowing what they’re doing.

To make matters worse, most people don’t even KNOW what their own models are, let alone the idea that everybody’s got a different one.

But if you first understand that models are just approximations, AND everybody’s got a different one, communicating, selling, persuading, seducing, ANY kind of human to human interaction will become a lot easier and smooth.

The trick is to simply set aside your OWN model (which isn’t really any more accurate than anybody else’s) and find out what THEIR model is.

Once you understand their model of the world, THEN you can present your ideas in a way that will get them readily and eagerly accepted, WHATEVER they are.

Kind of like FIRST learning THEIR language, then speaking YOUR ideas in a way they’ll understand and agree with.

This, of course, will get you MUCH more agreement and resonance with others.

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